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Aaliyah “Try Again” Ringtone

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Aaliyah was one of those fortunate singer who were born with great singing talent. She began singing at a young age and slowly and steadily she was picked up and was recognized for her abilities. Her first Album “Age Ain’t Nothing but A Number” was amazing and I showed by topping the charts. Try Again was her last song but was definitely one of her best. There are many Aaliyah fans out there that would love to download her songs on their cell phone. If you are one of those dedicated Aaliyah fans, then you’ve got to get your hands on these ringers. As you sign up you will also receive 10 more complimentary ringtones at no charge. Some of her hits include Try Again, Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number, Back And Forth, We Need A Resolution, Back, At Your Best, Journey To The Past, Are You That Somebody, One In a Million, and If Your Girl Only Knew.

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Usher “Burn” Ringtone

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Usher has become a sensation in the music industry for his great R&B songs. Since the 90’s, he has been rocking the music industry with his up-tempo songs and melodic ballads. Usher has won five Grammy Awards during his career which began at the very young age of 13. From then on, he has not looked back. Usher fans need to show their love by getting his songs as ringtones on their cellphones. When you sign up, you are entitled to receive 10 complimentary ringtones from Usher. Some of his hits include Burn, Confessions 1&2, My Boo, Bad Girl. Caught Up. Seduction, Nice and Slow, Dot Com, Throwback, U Remind me, Yeah, U Got It Bad, and many more.

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T-Pain “Bartender” Ringtone

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T-Pain brings yet another jam on the scene with Bartender. Chill grooves and smooth beats make this song a hit. Download the ringtone that showcases this song. This week, Bartender became one of the most requested ringtones. Don’t be left out! Also available from T-Pain are Blow Ya Mind, Buy You a Drank, Church, Como Estas, Dance Floor, Fly Away, I’m In Luv, Let’s Get It On, Say It, and Studio Luv.

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Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls” Ringtone

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Sean Kingston’s song “Beautiful Girls” has been taking the country by storm. If you are a Sean Kingston fan, you’ve got to have this ringtone blasting on your phone! No joke. Once you Sign-Up, you can get many of Sean Kingston’s songs as ringtones. Songs like Beautiful Girls, Change. Colors, Drummer Boy, Dry your Eyes, Got No Shorty, Your Sister, I Can Feel It, Kingston, There’s Nothin, and That Ain’t Right can be yours as ringtones to show off everytime your phone rings.

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Fantasia’s “when I see you” r & b ringtones ringtone

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American idol winner Fantasia has ruled your hearts. Now she can queen it over your cell phone. Just download her charismatic hit, “when I see you”, today. Fantasia has had a good spell in the music industry. She is churning out hits after hits and her music is still the talk of the town. By far, one of the most popular of all her songs is the heart-stopping track, “when I see you”. When You signup get 10 Comlimentary that include Fantasia hits like when I see You, A’int gonna beg you, baby mark in’ hips, Baby mama, free yourself, hood boy, I feel beautiful, I nominate you, I’m not that type, its all good, not the way I do, and many other fantastic hits. 

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